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What should I look for?

There are many reasons why you may want a professional website designer. One may be to make sure you get the perfect look for your brand so that it stands out from your competitors. Another reason is you may have never looked about designing your own website and a little bit overwhelmed by all the settings and options.

Why should I hire a website designer?

The pros of hiring web designers are that they generally work for themselves or in very small teams.
They tend to be less expensive than an agency because their costs are split up among clients.
They also typically provide excellent service and can accommodate your needs on a short notice.

What about using a free website builder?

Using a free website builder can be helpful if you want to design your site and don’t know where to start. You might also use one of the many builders that offer free templates as a way of getting started with web design quickly and easily (and without spending any money). You could also look at buying a theme like Divi or any other thousands of premium templates to get you started.

However, building your own is usually not advised for multiple reasons: firstly because it takes time; secondly, it doesn’t look professional; lastly but most importantly – those sites will never perform as well as they could do if a website designer made it.

If you think about how Google works, they reward high-quality websites which are original. A poorly designed template from some unknown company isn’t going to help you rank higher than the competition! So stick with hiring an agency or freelance web designer.

A free website builder is usually totally free for the user which can be a huge benefit.
You do not have to pay anything upfront and you don’t have to spend too much time working on your site.
There is also an increased level of trust since the software is created by a trusted company.

Time: Build your site and it will take time to learn HTML and CSS.
SEO: If you rank in Google, then you want the site to be original and not a free template.
Design: An agency or freelance web designer can create a professional-looking design for you.