The Perfect Website hosting services.

We host a wide variety of websites across the world in different industries. Cloud88 Ltd is Fast, Reliable and Adaptable to suit your needs.

Cloud88 will adapt to your needs.

We adapt what we can offer so that you can enjoy the most of what we are offering. If you have a small business or you are a sole trader we may be able to adjust what we are offering so that your money is well spent and not on features you are not going to use like main stream website hosters.


Experts Behind Every Choice We Make For You

Financial Help

We’ll tell you the best package for you and we will explain why in terms that you will understand. We may also tailor your package.

Mutual Trusts

You’ll get expert and specialist data and evaluation to help you build strong mutual trust plans. With over 100 Customers.


We are offering a 99.9% uptime with all packages and a rapid response rate to the support desk. *Must be connected to Cloud88 Server


All our websites are accessible on all devices including phones, laptops and computers.

*Only websites created by Cloud88

Why Chose cloud88?

Cloud Eighty Eight Ltd was founded in 2022. Logan who is the Company Director has been building websites from the age of 10. Following his passion in web development he started to expand, from designing websites to designing them and hosting websites. Supporting small companies can guarantee a better customer service as customers is what keeps the company alive.


You will find professional help from Website Designers and Website Hosters


We promise you the best teamwork possible - your business, your ideas combined with our expert advice for success.


No worries about your personal information. We guarantee 100% privacy, security, and encryption.


Get helpful support from our customer service team whenever you need it all through the week.


What Our Happy Customers Say About Penny Grow

5 Star

Logan and the team made sure I had a 100% uptime even when the work was being carried out. I couldnt Ask for a better service.

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